I know I am common but I am beautiful too.



We were taking some time out from chores to take the dog and the cameras for a walk on our local nature reserve.  I know there are lots of photographs of Robins in the world. But this is my photograph, and that is what makes it special to me!! What a little sweetie he was. It is always the simple pleasures that delight the heart so much. Mine expands when I am walking in sunshine, hearing the birds, discoursing with the trees.

Take time.


2 thoughts on “I know I am common but I am beautiful too.

    1. Hi Martha! It was a joy to come across him! I think he was plumping out his feathers because of the cold. I was particularly pleased because I got this shot of him looking straight at us, and my husband who has the better camera, and the skills didn’t!! I hope you are well and 2015 brings a good share of joy into your life. I am getting used to the last of the boys leaving home – not quite as he is at university so back for hols. Quiet but a new page to turn, giving me more time to indulge in creative pursuit!! Did I tell you I read some of your book on D K Fennel’s blog? Found it wonderful, and it is on my to read list now! Regards Anne


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