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Some latest examples from the Etsy store, and a shot of work in progress of a tribute to Virginia Woolf.  For lots of new designs for cards, personalised or blank for mounting and framing, and for some larger prints of my work, use the link  Etsy Shopfront  . You will also find my unique handmade books there which make wonderful gifts.

2017 updates!! New pics of some work from this yearbyantiumyeatsA Tribute to W.B.Yeats




anne handmade book2

il_570xN.573032289_e4xm il_fullxfull.567605374_l10d
Did I tell you how much I love working to commission? Here is the review from my customer who wanted me to produce a book with his own poem in to propose with. How lovely is that?

“I approached Anne with a strong concept, vague description and tight timescale for creating a poem book with which to propose to my girlfriend. I had written a poem linked to her engagement ring and our relationship but wanted images to correspond to each verse and a stylised finish to bring it all together. I had seen examples of her work online and asked her to draw together the different aspects that appealed to me.

Anne worked collaboratively with me to create and refine a number of drafts before we went to print, ensuring that I was 100% happy with the final product. Her responsiveness, professionalism and personal touch made all the difference in creating a keepsake that my fiancée is thrilled with.

On top of all that, I found her prices to be very reasonable for the level of effort involved.

Thank you Anne, it was a pleasure to work with you. ” Simon Scannell


Who is tree lover amongst you?  this is my latest hand made book with wood cover, listed on etsy , I really love my trees!! It includes quotatitons from Keats, Herman Hesse and Kahlil Gibran, sketches from Degas sketch book, and digital paintings from my original photography.
https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/172731622/artists-hand-made-coptic-stitch-book?ref=shop_home_activeIMG_8936 IMG_8943 IMG_8937 IMG_8938 IMG_8932IMG_8932IMG_8937IMG_8943We will be hitting Christmas soon , so I thought I would show you the cards you can buy from Etsy or Society 6 that I have designed.  Such fun!!
let it snow
The latest project is finished!  It is a modern take on the ancient idea behind the Books of Hours, only none of the inspiration in mine is of a religious nature, it is a book of inspiring and beautiful illustration and words to keep close to your heart, or to gift to someone close to your heart.
florigeum II aaaaavvvv
You can find my newest books here
This artist’s handmade book attempts to celebrate and explore the achievement of science and the exploration of men throughout history It is a journey of discovery through scientific explanation and the metaphysics explored in the humanities. It references in particular Johannes Kepler, the founder of modern physics and the man who gave us the first three principles on which Newton and Einstein and countless others have continued to discover how the universe works. Currently the Kepler mission is searching for exoplanets within a narrow focus of the universe. These are planets which may fit the criteria for life. Johannes Kepler dreamed of a man on the moon looking back onto Earth. Imagine how he would applaud the continuing curiosity and intrepid exploration of mankind.The book includes the wisdom of Carl Sagan, Walt Whitman, Kepler, and Emerson, with various illustration from our history. It is called ‘ Concordance’ to reference the harmonies Kepler perceived in the geometric principles , and the understanding of artists, scientists and philosophers that human kind benefits from discovering harmonies between science and nature, between disparate cultures, and between the body and the mind.

concordance cover Anne CorrYConcordance  Anne CorrYou can find my newest books here

I have been busy adding some new products to my Etsy shop, some paper pictures in paper frames, and some cards. Now I am desperately trying to design some new cards. Nice to have a purpose. Here are piccys of the new products.
IMG_7715 anne corr IMG_7714 IMG_7711 IMG_7699 IMG_7697 IMG_7693IMG_7714 anne corrIMG_7711 anner corr anne corrIMG_7699anner corr
How’s this for an idea for a romantic gift? If you or your partner like mooching round galleries, give him/her my hand made booklet with a ticket you have booked for an exhibition!! Add a show and a meal if you really want to impress!  But just the book would be fine too. Shows you know what they like!
Anne Corr Art Works title pageanne corr art works bookanne coprr art works bookatales from the river Anne Corr IMG_7563Anne Corr
A fellow team members blog , and one that is beautifully written with interesting write ups on team members shops.
For anyone who wants to taste the medieval ages, dip into my reproductions of 11th century herbarium.  Fascinating!anne corr miniature herbarium book aa min bookMy latest addition/edition! Great quotations from Tolstoy and Shakespeare. You don’ t have to know them to love them.   Just great words from the greats.
anne two anne oneEtsy is a site of curiosities that you can buy!!  But Etsy is more than that .  It creates an opportunity for making friends with like minded people, and it spurs a maker on to keep making. Well, how did I get started? It has been quite an organic journey for me, I have always loved history and art, philosophy and nature. I have always created since being young, drawings, paintings, poems. Then I created two wonderful boys, got divorced , remarried, three more stepsons and suddenly time didn’t allow for my crafts. I did do things, but they were boy based, like Warhammer painting and making scenery for them. Then they grew up , I became more housebound because of suffering from fibromyalgia, and I needed a purpose. Crafting gave meaning back to me. I love making my books, thinking about the themes, researching them, drawing on photography, or art works from collections, considering words that work with them. All those processes drive me to keep curious and interested in reading more, observing more, feeling alive to new things. I like the handcraft of putting the books together.
 When I first joined Etsy, I didn’t know anything. I listed and hoped. Nothing happened.
Then I went to a local meeting of Etsy crafters and was inspired and encouraged to look at my listings, learn about tags, learn about taking good photos, learned about teams.
I had a mentor who has held my hand, she has been wonderful. She looked at my listings and advised me, and encouraged me to join her team.
Teams are great. I love reading what everyone else is up to. and the support is amazing.
One piece of advice I would give, is buy something. See how it is sent, and think like a customer.
I bought my first purchase, a card, and it came in a beautiful envelope, promptly, with a message. I looked at how I would deliver to my first customer.
 Oh and be patient. It is overwhelming to begin with, but it;s like driving, once you know the mechanics, the driving starts to feel easier.
Good luck!!


Hand made illustrated book with digital illustration s based on 16th century drawings.

Hand made illustrated book with digital illustration s based on 16th century drawings.

il_570xN.437975555_dfi7 il_fullxfull.432575695_bkor il_570xN.437962174_mquxIMG_7085





New items added!!   Cartography from ancient manuscripts, and some others.

Newly created Etsy page.  Find some of my latest activities here!  You can even make a purchase if you want to!



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