Revisiting the masters

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based on painting by bernadino Luini  c 1520How real is this young woman?  I immediately liked her, as she communicated with me across centuries and space.  The original painting that I have based this portrait on was by Bernadino Luini in about 1520.  She has classic features and would not look out of place in a modern setting. I like her repose. I want to tell the world to have more reflection in their lives, less bustle, more breathe time.  Let her tell that story



One thought on “Revisiting the masters

  1. As one who loves the works of the many Italian, Dutch, French, etc Masters who influenced the world of art then, and as we know it today, their work is timeless. You captured the mood and beauty of Luini’s woman, leaving one to ask what has left her in such a pensive mood. My favorite artist is William Bouguerau, whose work is also timeless in thought.


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