Keeping it simple.

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St Augustine Quotation

St Augustine Quotation

We are so clever aren’t we?  So advanced, so capable of manufacture and scientific evaluation and discovery.  Well, some are and thank goodness.  We need everyone to contribute their strengths.  And to remember that some truths continue to remain important messages to our race.  The rational world of technology and enterprise is to be applauded for driving improvements to living standards.  The realm of the mystic is to be visited also,  the element that connects the living essence of everything.  The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and that is because of the vital elan that makes living things ‘be’ is inherent in all of us, connects us to all living things, tracks us backward into our pasts and our ancestors, and will project us into futures we will not be personally aware of, through our descendants.

Live well today, and be part of the whole cosmos by bringing your love into whatever you do .


4 thoughts on “Keeping it simple.

    1. Hi, great quote, quotes like this are great because it seems you can interpret whichever way is appropriate. For me it said as long as your passionate (love) whatever you do or wish to do, that love will take you to the best place for you because love is your driving force.


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