‘Between the idea and the reality’

Art, illustration, Life, photogaphy, poetry

housework blues  Anne Corrhomage to Edward Hopper, Anne in South Carolina Morning, 1955. copy_edited-2The first picture is what I should be doing when I get off the train and return to family home in  a few hours time.  The second picture is what I want to be doing in a few hours time.

The reality?  Somewhere between the two I would estimate.  Although the resemblance to Cindy Sherman is remarkably little unfortunately.  There will be some time to contemplate the outdoors, but it won’t be such sunny climes as Hopper was enjoying.  I always love the feeling of space in his paintings. I like the solitude too.  I know they can appear desolate to some, they definitely are melancholy, but I share that sense he paints, the separateness of individual existence. I had a a red dress once too.  (Humblest apologies to Hopper for a humorous replacement of head on his models shoulders) To be young in the sun, who wouldn’t want that?

“Between the idea and the reality, between the motion and the act, falls the shadow.” — T.S. Eliot.



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