Spring fever

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Sharing a few images of my work in progress РI am making a new title to sell in my Etsy store Рhandmade coptic stitched books that connect you to the beauty already in the world РI have found amazing solace and inspiration from writers down the ages Рand this little volume focuses on work by Emily Dickinson and Thoreau Рboth loved observers of the natural world. I have found inspiration for illustration from historical botanical painting, and found the natural complement to the written word. A celebration of new life, from old РSpring always follows Winter. I was recently very moved by a dedication requested by a customer  for my Mindfulness book Рand it reminded me why I love making my keepsake books Рsometimes we all need a time for reflection and consideration of what is really important Рthe connection I make with my customers is special.

Etsy store of Handmade books


With Flowers


With Flowers.


South winds jostle them,

Bumblebees come,

Hover, hesitate,

Drink, and are gone.


Butterflies pause

On their passage Cashmere;

I, softly plucking,

Present them here!


Emily Dickinson remains one of my poets I return to time and again. She was 56 – my age- when she died , and in that span had written around 1100 poems. She didn’t publish in her lifetime, lived a life that has been described as reclusive and yet her writing exposes a fullness of human experience. I am left curious, and moved by her poetry. It is no surprise that her poetry is so enjoyed . I think I may just have my next project!

based on leoversin smudge copy