Books at Blurb

 For something a little special…. a notebook that has plenty to inspire and distract!  Pages of illustration from my card designs and quotation that has helped me on my way!blurb2.jpgblurb.jpg


Blurb link to Modestly Bites notebook

Blurb link to In Brief notebook


….and then there’s a volume of my own poetry   –   writing has been something close to my heart forever , and poetry is a lifetime endeavour .


Blurb link to Annethology – a life in poems

2 thoughts on “Books at Blurb

    1. I hope you do Dede, made with love!! I sent it a while ago so you should get it soon. Hope you’re well. I am trying to stay sane by throwing myself into making mini versions of some of my books for a mini library. It is frustrating work as i am working in miinature which is fiddly, but fun.

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