I love reading,  and have always done so. It helps me connect with the world, in a resonant way.  I like writing too, but don’t do that quite as much. When I read something that stirs me, I want to share it.  Sometimes there are important messages that should be writ high in the sky for all mankind to share. In a small way, human kind is beginning to share .


33 thoughts on “About

  1. Tracy

    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting comments, it’s great to have your support and hear of shared experiences. I’ve been reading through your blog today, your writing is very engaging and I love your photos. I’m also inspired by the way you’re living you life. I wish you happiness always.

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  2. Scottie

    The more content you write, the greater your chances of having someone come across your blog. It also has a portable version which you can carry in your USB drive.


  3. Miriam

    I also prefer reading to writing. It’s funny because it seems like everyone assumes that because I write a lot on my blog I am an aspiring writer, but the truth is that the writing is a hobby the same way reading is, another thing to nurture my soul. And if I had to give one up, it would be writing.


    1. amonikabyanyuvva Post author

      It is strange I think , how the soul hungers for meaning. I thing that is what we share – a quest to understand that life is more than survival and how to best fulfil our own human potential.


  4. Melanie Millar

    Just want to say i love your blog, love your work and I love your invention of a way of working with images/content/ideas that are so compelling to me. I have just taken a quick look at your blog and your etsy store. I am looking forward to taking more time to explore much further. Thanks for putting your work and your ideas out there in the world.

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