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It’s been mad hot here – and I mean mad – I don’t ‘do’heat – I am a coolio character who is sent into a tailspin when knocked off a very narrow spectrum of temperature tolerance.  I have a sneaky irritating condition which is exacerbated by fluctuations in weather, so I am trying desperately to stay cool.  My newest companion is a nine year old rescue dog – Reggie, who is frustrated too by the rising temperatures because it interferes with his walking schedule. Getting Reggie is the best thing I have achieved in a long time – less a rescue by us than a rescue of me by him.  I missed walking a dog since having lost Digger, missed the casual engagement with the local dog walkers, the daily interaction that brought the outside in. But we are back – and Reggie is settling in grand, a little heartbeat at my feet.


My other achievements in the past few months have been to include three new product ranges into my Etsy shop – to keep up interest!  I was considering how to use my card illustration to create another income stream, and have designed three different sized notebooks which incorporate my card design and inspiring quotation. I have taken life lessons from writers, musicians and philosophers for decades, and so share some of my favourites.  A further project is now available on Amazon too – a heftier volume featuring a selection of my card designs as a book to share on the coffee table – no note pages in this one! All the books are also available via the site at Blurb, but I have a few copies at Etsy which I can send out signed.  A further project in the pipeline should be with me soon –  a smaller production featuring design and quotation- more to follow!


Fully illustrated notebook Modestly bites

Link to purchase ‘Modestly bites’ on Etsy

Three notebooks

Fully illustrated notebooks with full page illustration inside

mod bites1abcdef

mod bites1abcde

mod bites1

…Oh and before I forget I was delighted that one my designs is now up and running at the Urban Outfitters splendid site—-sweet!

Circle of Life

Circle of Life by anipani


Link to Urban page




9 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Reggie is absolutely adorable 🙂 I feel the same way about my rescue dog, that she rescue me. It’s funny how that works. It’s sort of the same with horses as well. Today when I was outside working in my backyard, I was replanting some potted plants, I got attacked by yellow jackets. They are nasty things. One of my rescue horses was standing very close to me, watching me work, like he usually does. When I had that encounter with the yellow jackets I started screaming, it was painful. He started to scream as well, to help draw attention to me. I am 100% sure that is what he did. He was much louder than me. When I got on my feet, and got back inside, he stopped. Animals are so much wiser than we give them credit for. I’m sure that’s true for your Reggie as well. Best of luck with your new family member.

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    1. Sorry I missed this Otton. …glad to report Reggie is doing great! I am trying to stay in the world without anti depressants for the first time in a long time….testing but it’s been 8 months now and beginning to feel a little tougher inside to deal with the demons when they come knocking. Working on a tribute book in my handmade on Sylvia Plath and it is very emotional reading her notebooks. …her brightness and her pain feel close. Thank you for connecting!

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