Curvaceous climbs.

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Got to love a curve, here are my entries for Rounded – this weeks photo challenge. My favourite place to be walking is here in the Highlands of Scotland. Curves and jagged edges all around.

These are my entries for the weekly photo challenge Rounded, Rounded photo challenge link



6 thoughts on “Curvaceous climbs.

  1. If ONLY I could be walking there today! Tremendous!
    Did you take a look at the poems on my last post btw? Just old favorites mainly, for those who may want to see them once again or youngsters who don’t know them yet.
    For any of your readers who may be interested, they’re at There’s one funny little verse about our distinguished U. S. president.

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    1. hI martha! thanks for replying – I will check your post out – recovering from a shock today – my husband fell whilst we were hiking yesterday and got a very bloody gash on the head. Just glad it wasn’t worse than it is. we are both taking things slowly today


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