Artist Interview with Anne Corr from Modestly

A lovely opportunity to share with the world a little of my story, thanks go to Kiana!

The Art Spectrum


“The conscious mind hungers for success and prestige. The unconscious mind hungers for those moments of transcendence, when the skull line disappears and we are lost in a challenge or a task —when a craftsman feels lost in his craft, when a naturalist feels at one with nature, when a believer feels at one with God’s love. That is what the unconscious mind hungers for. And many of us feel it in love when lovers feel fused.”

~David Brooks


It is my pleasure to introduce Anne Corr from the Modestly Etsy shop. Her artist book inspired by Joseph Cornell inspired me to then interview her for the blog. Please make sure to give her shop some love!

Can you tell me a little bit about your work making artist books and where you draw your inspiration? When did you learn how to make artist books?

The quest of living our…

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2 thoughts on “Artist Interview with Anne Corr from Modestly

  1. Pamela Baker

    Congratulations Anne on a wonderful interview about your beautiful, interesting Art! I have long been a fan of Anne’s beautifully designed ArtBooks. One need to visit her Shop to see an abundance of her lovely Hand Illustrated Cards for all occasions!

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