Once upon a time

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This weeks photo challenge was Nostalgia.  This is my husband, we were younger then, and we smoked!  I love the casual pose, I love that he looks like a film star and I still miss those cigarettes!

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11 thoughts on “Once upon a time

  1. Hello, Anne,

    Your husband does look like a celebrity! Your post reminded me….

    Once upon a time, my husband and I, too smoked. But my husband never stopped, to the detriment of his health.

    But once upon a time, when we first met, things were very different. Here is a photo of us together on his 39th birthday. I was 25. It’s rather bittersweet that on his cake is written, “39 Forever.”

    But that was long, long ago in a universe far away, haha! Our own two daughters were still simply the stars in our eyes.

    Thanks for posting this. My JC would have been 77 last Tuesday.

    Have a lovely day!


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