Impatience of the Heart


A reader brought this post to my attention yesterday, and I really think this novel is such a worthwhile read, it deserves another floating in the ether

moving in time

How I have I managed to live this long, consider myself fairly well read and not have read this author until this week?  I found Stefan Zweig’s ‘ Beware of Pity’ as I was mooching around the bookshop opposite the University of Leeds. I love browsing bookstores in the flesh, as opposed to the online experience.  There’s a greater opportunity to be entranced, pulled in and inevitably an exchange of books for money occurs in this heady environment. Luckily for me three circumstances combined to tip the balance between buy/not buy . Firstly my birthday was imminent, secondly my husband was in the immediate vicinity and thirdly ‘3 for 2’  took me into a hunt for a third book. ‘Beware of Pity’ was that third volume. I’m so glad it was. 
I read this hungrily, resenting the endless interruptions being carried away by the story telling, carried away by the…

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