Shout! Shout! Let it all out!

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Here is a big shout out from me on National Stationery Week!!  As a geek of immeasurable proportion for all things papery,  I am celebrating the fact that the whole world will be turning to the sound of pages turning  the latest stationery news for a whole week!!

Most of my readers –  wherever , if ever you are- may be aware that I distract myself from the sorrows of the world by illustrating my way to happiness.  I play all day. Simples.  To enable me to pursue this harmless and endlessly enjoyable occupation I sometimes have to promote my goods on social media. ( That is where the sorrow creeps in, but needs must.)

So you can order a bespoke card from my Etsy shop – or even a handmade book, I love a commission!

For spiral notebooks or hardcover journals and stickers, your only destination is my redbubble store.

Please come and have a browse around – let me know if you want me to make you something more specific.

Etsy link  : Etsy shopfront

Redbubble links ; My Redbubble Spiral notebooks and My Redbubble Hard cover journals

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3 thoughts on “Shout! Shout! Let it all out!

  1. Let me offer an unsolicited, uncompensated word of endorsement (as they say on TV commercials) for the stationery cards by Modestly (as she’s known on Etsy and Society6). I limit my remarks to those who don’t send hand written cards to people (like me before I got my first set from Modestly). If you only communicate through emails and printed letters, the reaction you receive when someone gets your first handwritten card is quite electric. (Of course they will reply by email, however.) Much of the reaction comes from the beauty of these cards and the paper. Those two characteristics also influence your writing. When you sit down with these cards and a good pen, their beauty forces you to say something important, creative and personal. I have become addicted to writing notes with these cards, and part of the reason is that you can spend a lot of time just browsing what is available from Modestly: they are quire amazing, and she includes literary gems in the descriptions. My only limitation is the small number of people who want to hear from me personally. (Isn’t that why we all blog?) But it incentivizes one to make more acquaintances. In other words, these cards are an antidote to too much internet, which is another selling point. Both for you while you are writing them, and the recipient while reading. And any check on the internetizaton of our brains is welcome.

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    1. What an amazing response!! This is such a lovely thing to receive – I often feel selfish for spending the time I do in creative endeavour and comments like this make it worthwhile! I am an introvert in an extrovert world, and spend much time solitary. This moves me alot! Thank you so much!


      1. I was trying to address those of your readers who hadn’t tried corresponding by handwritten notes to urge them to give your stationery a try. But I guess nobody reads other people’s comments on a blog. I’m not sure anybody reads anything on the internet. It’s just a gigantic cavern into which billions of people are dumping gigabytes of information. That is why I have lately become an advocate for the handwritten letter. It is like a message in a bottle. It may be inefficient to send, but the novelty of it makes it more likely that it will be read.

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