In Great Regard

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We are all one, and paradoxically we all are individual.  Isn’t this life a constant wonder?  To understand our seperateness is to have a level of self awareness that can challenge and reward.  It challenges our sense of belonging and our feelings of being loved entirely, and rewards by its observation of each person’s individual choice to take their own decisions and be responsible for their own moral choices. I lloved Kahlil Gibran’s take on having children – that they are arrows from the parents bows – they go on to be fully developed , seperate beings.

My hardest times are when my loved ones do not seem to acknowledge me – they are disinterested in some way in my feelings.  That is the challenge of understanding our seperateness – their love is no less, but it is a fluid river on which I sail. It is not my boat. And sometimes it is a stormy ride. I look forward to those passages when the river is calm, and the view is tranquil.

Enjoy your week my friends. mr adn Mrss


2 thoughts on “In Great Regard

  1. Hello, Anne,

    Once again, your thoughts and feelings mirror my own here across the pond. Now that my husband is gone and my children grown, I often feel like a persona non grata. I’m doing my best to be gracious, but I fall down on the job. A lot.

    My husband was my whole world, particularly these past 4-5 years as I helped him struggle with lung cancer. Now that he’s at peace in the great whatever after, the silence in my home is deafening. My friends are scattered all over the country.

    I never had a problem with solitude. Now I realize that I always knew he was always there for me. Now my solitude is a frightening thing. I feel paralyzed and helpless to help myself.

    Your posts far more often than not resonate with me. It seems as though we are leading parallel lives of a sort, although you are far more industrious than I am.

    I understand that you have recently suffered a loss in the family, so I know that you, too are working through that process. It’s a lonely business.

    I just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to your posts. I always find some measure of comfort as I read what you’ve written and poetry you’ve selected, as well as your artwork. I wish that I had the resources to purchase some of your lovely things, but my house and home is filled up and my purse is empty. So I’m trying to be more mindful about want I would like and I what I really need.

    Thank you, Anne, for the measure of comfort you provide, not only to me, but I’m sure to your many followers.

    Warm regards, Janet

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  2. Dear Janet,
    What a wonderful reply to start my morning with – your words give me connection that is worth a great deal and I thank you for them. I am sorry how alone you must feel – the comfort of partners is very precious, and alot of that time we forget to cherish the ordinary. I send you my best wishes, and am glad to make the connection with you.
    Take care,


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