Autumn beauty

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As I climbed the Cliffs, when I jarred the foliage, I perceived an exquisite perfume which I could not trace to its source. Ah, those fugacious universal fragrances of the meadows and woods! odors rightly mingled!

source: Henry David Thoreau

I love September – the temperature is more mellow, the smells of Autumn and the final fling of growth as the berries pour over the hedgerows. This year they are bounteous.

I live in two counties – half the week in Essex and half in the Midlands, as a result of life mixing it up with a second marriage and a husband who works away from home.  I like to spend time with him there,  the place where we stay is a little rural getaway from the city.  Bliss in a rented shack shared with a companionable South African and his dog. I like being 53 and much happier in my own skin.  Change is omnipresent – for me it involves the departure of the youngest son to university. I like change, even when its hard. It means ree-valuation, contemplation about how I want the next stage to unravel.  So living in two counties has its downsides, the peripatetic nature of it demands the continual packing and repacking, and the juggling of knowing what food needs to be where! But on the upside – more variety, more opportunity and lots of blackberries in Autumn.

Enjoy your Autumn, whatever you are doing, whatever change it brings.


5 thoughts on “Autumn beauty

  1. Thanks for the pretty pictures. Yes, autumn is beginning to happen in Cincinnati, Ohio. My vegetable friends seem sad, sensing that they are just little old annuals and not long for this earth. Cool. Frost will be early this year, perhaps, though leaves not turning yet. Lots of dew, and everything on our street looks fresh and welcoming on our walks. I walk through a neighbor’s back yard to the high ridge of our golfing meadows — just to take a good look at the old pin oaks up there while they’re still green and leafy.

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    1. That sounds like a lovely walk Martha. I do feel very lucky to be able to get out and about, and enjoy the season changing the landscape around me. My little dog is showing signs of old age – he really doesn’t want to go too far, so sharing the much younger Dexter, a young border collie with our house share in Essex gives me great opportunities to discover walks and their pleasures! Best wishes to you, my friend across the water!


  2. Beautiful , such a beautiful peak into your life. Thank you, from South Africa where spring is breaking through winter’s grey cloud


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