Composition I and Composition II

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‘The composition is the thing seen by every one living in the living they are doing, they are the composing of the composition that at the time they are living in the composition of the time in which they are living. It is that that makes living a thing they are doing. Nothing else is different, of that almost any one can be certain. The time when and the time of and the time in that composition is the natural phenomena of that composition and of that perhaps every one can be certain.

No one thinks these things when they are making when they are creating what is the composition, naturally no one thinks, that is no one formulates until what is to be formulated has been made.’


Thanks to Gertrude Stein for the words.

Thanks to my lovely husband for the photography, and the holiday. Thanks to our boys who make holidays and life the best way to spend our days.


7 thoughts on “Composition I and Composition II

    1. amonikabyanyuvva Post author

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Gertrude Stein was assuredly strange, but nevertheless becoming !! I take comfort from that sort of thing as I have been known to be thought of as somewhat strange myself!



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