How to live, Montaigne style

Can’t recommend Montaigne highly enough. So I am telling you all again about Sarah Bakewells book. Brilliant.

moving in time

How to live A Life of Montaigne

Montaigne , the French essayist, would retreat to the comfort of his tower, where he could think and write. What were his motives?  To advise an audience ?  That was not his primary objective.  His main preoccupation was to remove himself from activity he did not want to do, and distract himself with activity he did want to engage in. So, as a man of considerable position in the vicinity, he chose to step down from political life, and invest his life in his musings.  He was in a veritable position of privilege to be able to do so, for sure, but nevertheless, it was an astonishing move for a gentleman only in his late thirties, who may otherwise have considered adding to his worldly fortunes and notices.

So I became interested in Montaigne , the man, and this imperative of his fascinated me…

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