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morning haze  monet

I was working earlier this morning at promoting my hand made books on a craft site called Etsy, wherein there are forums which enables the site users to engage with one another, a method of bringing people together in shared endeavour.  Mainly the forums ask questions relating to their shops, or customers, or problems or simply to have a chat to break up the day.  This morning a question provoked my interest as it broke away from the everyday and asked

“What are you doing when you find yourself truly connected to nature?”

There was a variety of interesting replies,  many supporting the view about how nature was a resource for recharging and inspiration.  One reply noted how seeing an animal in distress connected her to the immediacy and demands nature sometimes places on us.  I thought about it for a few moments and replied.  This is my reply,

“nature holds everything , our existence on the planet is all about connection. When we learn how interconnected everything is, we start to take on responsibility in our own lives for how we choose to live. I am beginning to feel that life is about understanding that interconnection, and living fully within that realisation. It is lifelong learning full of challenges and deep joys. The journey toward Truth and Beauty is the totality of our lives, we determine how far we proceed on that journey. ”

I am loving how rich that journey is, and how important my decisions are everyday, every moment as to how satisfying my brief encounter on this planet is.  At the same time I face the constant reminders that the human experience is very different depending what situations we are born into. My responsibility is not only to myself and my immediate family, it extends to all living matter.

I am sending my thoughts out in the hope that they resonate and that as companions in time, we all respect our individual journeys.

The beautiful image is by Monet, an artist who worked tirelessly at his vision of truth and beauty.



2 thoughts on “Morning call – take a moment.

  1. Thanks for this beautiful Monet — though it comes through only dimly at my end; I don’t know why. I certainly agree that we must try to understand our connection to all of nature — and that a hurt to our land or our animals, our plants or our people is, in the long run, a hurt to ourselves. We are seeing in the U. S. a t. v show in nine parts called Years of Living Dangerously, about the losses in the natural world we are already suffering, and we may at least hope that such dramas will reach more and more people with the need to conserve, not mindlessly to waste, the beautiful planet we have.


    1. The Monet I posted is very faint – it is like an impression of a painting! I love that quality in it. The need for all of us to think about conservation is dramatically present and a real challenge for this generation ant the subsequent ones. I do have hope – there is a lot of interesting work being carried out in the arenas of science. We need hope! Good to hear from you Martha!


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