The transient nature of here and now.

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Joris Hoefnagel 16 th century flemish              Life;reflections on, -and death

Flames flicker,
bring vigour
to Plato’s shadows
playing on the wall.
We’re living lives
in half light,
in animation,
some knowing
the puppeteers
are figments
of their own
imagination.The fear
of the fire as potent
as fear of
The poetry is mine (!) ,the illustration has a far more illustrious background being from Joris Hoefnagel, 16th century flemish artist.

2 thoughts on “The transient nature of here and now.

    1. Hello Janet! I wrote this a couple of years ago – I am writing less and less poetry – sometimes I am nudged into penning one, and I always enjoy the endeavour, I rather miss it really. I am concentrating more on illustration at the moment, but it will be a phase I think! Keep well, regards, Anne


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