Belated but then that’s me


Not sure If I have got the handle on this but I shall have a go anyway.  The idea is to explain how I express my creativity; well it took me some time to find the thing that really started to unlock what I thought I lacked – imagination.  I had always been a voracious reader, and hated the fact that I did not have a visual imagination, having loved looking at art since forever. Anyway, being a reader helped because it connected me to creative imagination, and now I have found my niche – I love creating the right occasion for the written word and image to meet, I am a sort of match maker in my mind. I create small handmade books that reflect my curiosity , and my penchant for nuggets of treasure. So now I spend most of my time finding the right images and the right words to spend a little time together. When I;m not doing that, then I am playing with my own images from photography , or from famous paintings and having fun in photoshop. And  when I’m not doing that I come over here and blog. Simples. If you look at my blog, and I know you will, then have a browse through the pages I have made which illustrate some of the things I have just been telling you about!! Lovely to see you, have fun and be kind.


3 thoughts on “Belated but then that’s me

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