Old Masters.

W.H Auden poem Pieter Breughel




3 thoughts on “Old Masters.

  1. marthastephens

    This is a great poem. I love re-reading it, knowing that Auden himself must have felt he could not always reach down to so deep a note on the scale of human suffering. The lines of this verse seem perfect in the easy tilt each one has, as if nothing in poems could be any easier. For me, it tells of the hideous complexity of human life — and how very little of the suffering around us we can possibly react to, know, or understand.


  2. amonikabyanyuvva Post author

    I know exactly what you mean – i was pondering the same complexity whilst walking the dog. One almost lives constantly with a version of guilt by not being affected by catastrophic war, flood, fire etc. The idea of peace being available to all mankind is a fantasy of gargantuan proportion and yet without working toward it , we are lost. Being human is very weird I find!


    1. marthastephens

      Thanks for Following my blog — and for the link to the great painting above as I return to this post. I see on Wikipedia that it’s easy to become fascinated with all the works of the elder and younger Breugels and the tiny and delicate detail.
      I don’t know a lot about the graphic arts or the craft you practice, but I can understand the appeal of your cards and other works.



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