Can you ever?


Putting this out there again after revisiting it when I pressed the random button so kindly donated by rarasaur. Such fun!

moving in time

Can you ever have enough beauty?  I think you probably can.  I feel sated with images, after having spent too long being distracted by the wonderful things I come across on the internet, knowing I should be elsewhere, doing elsethings.  I imagine thousands of us, hundreds of thousands of us , invisibly connected by the web, eyes and brains opened to new possibilities , engaged by the curiosities others have spent minutes, hours, days, lifetimes learning about , compiling.  When I was younger, I imagined myself to become a writer, most possibly a writer of fiction.  A figure quite solitary, compiling lives and landscapes.  As I grew, I read, and read. I read books everywhere I went, plundered libraries and bookshops, lost myself endlessly in other writers’ worlds.  And I forgot to write. One day , I remembered my aim had been to author my own fictional life, give birth…

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