Rumi- nating some more.

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Rumi Quote


3 thoughts on “Rumi- nating some more.

  1. One of the very great mystics of all time. Makes me wish I could read Persian. Or understand Sufism.

    “What was said to the rose that made it open was said
    to me here in my chest.”


    1. Sufism is fascinating. Doris Lessing was very engaged by it and I have been so impressed by her mind, What I like about the Sufi approach as approached by Idries Shah, is the opportunity for the universality of a spiritual teaching to be embraced by anyone, anywhere. It is like being with a real teacher, someone who you genuinely learn a life skill from. Lasting, having meaning. Like any genre, it is perceived differently by different recipients.


      1. If you have the time, you should write a post on how Sufism relates to you. I’m sure people would be interested. It’s a much better way to understand a philosophy than trying to get through academic explanations of it.


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