A Dog’s Life

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I am a private person, so I am inviting you in to my life today – just a portion of it, inviting you to meet Digger, my hound, companion, walkmate.  I don’t know whether he knows – I suspect he does – just how important he is to how well I live. By nature solitary and lazy, I am unlikely to don outerwear and walk around the local park twice a day, meeting on the way a host of canine friends and their owners, in turn funny, sad, friendly, caring and occasionally hostile. Digger has replaced the role of the playground, my erstwhile opportunity to converse and exchange with people who become more than acquaintance, make up a community. So in celebration of our canine friends everywhere I offer up my poem.  How very daring of me!!

A Dog’s Life

Although  dog is bored,

dog does not complain.

An occasional sigh, expulsion

of disgruntled breath.

I tell him I’m bored too,

but not enough to fetch his lead.

He settles for a rub and a tickle

or two. I like his composure.

‘Pleasure is the absence of pain’  I tell him,

and comma-like, his presence comforts me.


He has accepted me, after abandonment.

Has stories I will never hear, a life

lived without and before us. We are not

so dissimilar then. New lives constructed

when the disappointments and the blows

bring down the here and nows.


He shows how it is possible, to decide

to continue. To re-emerge, perhaps

never to see the world the same again.

The walks, though unfamiliar , unnerving

still contain smells too exciting to ignore.

Digger Anne Corr



4 thoughts on “A Dog’s Life

  1. Thanks for inviting us into your personal space. With all my children grown and moved on, it is my 2 little kitty’s who are always there right next to me. Waiting to be scratched, feed and in turn are there to comfort me. We have a program here in NY where people who are in the hospital and have no family to comfort them, but the love of their dog – the hospital allows the dog to visit them. It has been proven that this little visit has helped ease the pain of its owner, as well as comfort the dog and lets them know that they haven’t been deserted either.
    Great poem on the comfort and love our little furry friends bring to us.


    1. Hello Pamela, thank you for commenting. It is amazing how close we become with pets, considering they are a different species. Saying that, I often find it easier dealing with dogs than sons!IN.Y> seems a long way from suburban England, hope you are well.


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