Time is but the stream I go a’fishin’ in.

Art, history, illustration, literature, philosophy

bukowski quote. illustrated Anne corr

nietszcheDrawing on inspiration from mediaeval manuscripts, I was bowled over by the beauty with which they illustrated their reading matter.  I wanted to   meld the frames that they laboured over with inspirational writing that has transformed the way I think.  My character has been formed by what I have read, the thoughts of men and women that have lived different lives from me have continually shaped the way I think and feel about my own life, have broadened my perspective and helped me to dig into my own feelings about what life means.

From Shakespeare to Tolstoy,  Einstein to Tagore, and to more contemporary wirters, Bryan Appleyard, David Foster Wallace, Dorothy Rowe, Doris Lessing.

Thank goodness for writers, thinkers and artists everywhere.

Below are some pictures taken from Medieval illustrations which can be seen at the British Museum and the Bodleian Libraries.

pliny  Natural history at Bodleian15yth century venice. Senecabook of hours french 1440 -1450zones of the earth 11th century English



2 thoughts on “Time is but the stream I go a’fishin’ in.

  1. thanks!! At the moment I am reading Ali Smith’s There but for the..’ and I am so excited because it thrills me! I am less and less able to find that excitement now, so when I do , its treasure!!


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