Walls fall down

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Sadhana the realisation of life by Rabindranath Tagore v 2


In the 1500’s an illustrator of a manuscript showed an Angel flying over the ruined cities.  Life was seen in the context of an all encompassing God.  I took out the Angel, I have no belief in them, and added the skyline of Paris, along with the opening lines of Tagore’s important text Sadhana, The Realisation of Life.

Our world is constantly being blown apart, and rebuilt.  The hope I have is that each subsequent generation continues to further the knowledge that our species is beginning to explore, and does not neglect the value of wisdom to accompany that knowledge.  All is flux, and within that world of constant change, I think that men and women need to maintain some sense of what it means to be human.  Connection with one another, and connection to the Earth and all its creatures. If we are connected, we are less likely to harm one another. Just a thought.


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