Adventures on an Island.

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So, it might be 4 degrees and blowing a wind that demands two hats, thermals and  a willingness to brave the elements, but once the first steps are taken it all begins to be very clear.  Skye is the nearest to heaven I will find.  Here we go then, telling the tale in pictures of the first two trips.  Trip one took us to the bottom of a very good looking hill, the trail of which revealed mini waterfall one after the other, pooling into shallows where faeries are reputed to bathe.  I did see the stone head of a beheaded giant, so perhaps faeries do make it up there too.

The following day we drove to the North of the Island on the trail of gold.  Well a cave of gold actually, which we never did find, although we were placed exactly where we were supposed to be after following to the letter the directions in a walkers guide. It took us across land which was signed ‘Private, Keep Off’ in blood red letters, and down a very steep slope.  It was worth it though, even without the gold.

Trip two

Near Uig Headland Isle of Skye  Anne Corr Cave of Gold Isle of Skye Anne Corr cave of gold  Anne corr

Trip One

from faery pools walk IMG_7245 Giants been beheaded  Anne Corr

First trip, Glenbrittle

First trip, Glenbrittle

Faery Pool

Faery Pool



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