The Sanctuary of Trees.

Art, illustration, Life

Inspired by my niece living in Rome, I was reminded of the beautiful words of Hermann Hesse writing about the life force that trees inhabit and share with all of us. My niece is a couple of decades younger than myself, but already steeped in the wisdom to practice the habit of thinking what to be grateful for in her life.  I share her joy in trees.  Below is a digital image of a photograph taken five years ago in Christchurch, England.  A wonderful English summer day spent within the magic of a copse of ancient trees overlooking the sea.  Bliss. christchurch trees 1  2 digital media Anne Corr copyhesse 2 by Anne Corr


hesse 5

hesse 6  by Anne Corr

Tree  with Hesse Quote  by Anne Corr


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