Addicted to form.

hugging-circles-origaminatural-cycles-origamivaslav nijinsky kandinsky color study 1405.2007 vaslav nijinskyGorgeous shapes please me.  The top two are origami sculptures I found over at the Smithsonian website today and I couldn’t help sharing them in all their perfection. They were made by Erik and Martin Demaine

“We’ve come up with a math problem that inspires new art—and an art problem that inspires new math,” says Demaine.

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The drawings are from Kandinsky and Nijinsky and these can be seen online in an exhibition at the MoMa called Inventing Abstraction.  The online exhibitionitself is a work of art, and can be enjoyed here .

It is such fun I am showing you a screen shot of it to whet your appetite. Moma screen shot of exhibiton

If you like interactive sites, this is one for you.  Beware of the time thief it is though,

I lose hours finding stuff like this.  Totally unproductive but so fascinating that I don’t give a hoot.  It will enrich me and that is how I justify it to myself! Better than chocolate and less harmful than wine, but equally as addictive.  I must have some level of addictive personality I think.



2 thoughts on “Addicted to form.

  1. Zumi Potts

    Dear Writer,
    I started getting your blog about a week ago, and wanted to say, you have a way with you; a lovely, relaxing gentleness that is very soothing. I thank you for writing. I will learn from you, of that I’m sure.



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