In the Pink

In the pink   Anne Corr  Digital mediaI produced this illustration for one of my hand crafted miniature books, being drawn to a) flowers b) miniatures and c) books.  Nevertheless, it has been uphill to keep up my motivation over the past few weeks. Perhaps its the northern clime thats affecting my mojo, not enough light, not enough warm.  I am a creature that would willingly hibernate, curling up into a ball at the coming of winter and unfurling in Spring. Ideal. These illustrations bring Spring into mind, hopefulness, growth.

I have to admit to stealing the flowers from historical botanical illustrations and playing with them in photoshop to bring them into the 21st century. I would love to have the talent and the dedication that these botanical artists put to use.  Application is a gift, and I can draw lessons from their willingness to spend focus and time on each object of their scrutiny.  I watched a young historian explain how medieval kings had illustrated manuscripts prepared for them, using exquisite craftsmenship to create works of art and status, spending years and resources on them .  These books marked them out as kings, and were to be handed down for generations, unlike other treasures that could potentially be melted down for their value in silver or gold.  I want to learn patience, and craftmanship.  I want to improve my focus , my patience. Upward and onward!!



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