Sing it loud.

plum blssom and oriole    digital painting Anne Corr

I have no idea why I keep singing. Well, not exactly singing, just putting words to stuff I do and sending it out there.  I often question what my motivation in doing so is, and I  only ever come up with the historical fact that from a young age I wanted to be a journalist but was discouraged by the time I was 15.  In hindsight I would have made a terrible journalist, I don’t like travel, and have too little ruthlessness in my personality to achieve.  I think journalists have to have some ability to dissemble and I don’t think I am very good at that either.  Bit Northern by temperament, an probably a bit too simple. ( Not that all Northerners are a bit simple, just me!)

Went to a vintage bird book for the drawing of the oriole, and collaged it with a bastardization of a chinese painting. Hope you enjoy your weekend.


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