Juxtaposition,not just a word.

Angel bringing news taht Babylon is fallen. Apocalypse  dc 1250 English marc-chagall-over-the-town-1918

The first picture is from the 13th century, and is depicting an angel over the fall of Babylon  the second is by the artist Marc Chagall.  I liked the way one recalled the other in my mind.  I like how human beings impose storylines on their lives, and how artists depict them.  I want to know what was going on in the mind of the artist illustrating a biblical tale, was this fantasy to him, or considered as fact?  I have been attracted to Marc Chagalls pictures for decades. I love his use of colour and his naive treatment of subject , and then his ability to transcend our mortality and breathe superhuman powers into the viewer.  Glorious.

There is a wonderful archive of early manuscripts at the Bodleian Library , which is accessible here,http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/bodley.

Chagall was a prolific artist, and there are examples of his work in museums around the world.


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