Winter Delight.

Winter, published by P Stampa Winter Inverno at the British Museum winter print made by John Brandard  british Museum Winter Print Wencelas Hellar 1677   Briths Museum

For your delectation and delight, these treasures can be found at the British Museum.  I wanted to find images of Winter, for some project and wasn’t disappointed.  My favourite is the masked lady, very beguiling in a scary sort of way.  Probably masked to protect from germs, which is something I have failed to do myself and am incapacitated by a disgusting chesty cold.  Everything feels too enormous to deal with including Christmas, so I hope to rally for the big day.  I have never understood the excitement myself but then I am probably one of life’s miseries.  It all seems so random.  I like to celebrate my loved ones every day, by getting up in the morning and making breakfast. One day a year to pig out?  But we will. Over indulgence will be regretted no doubt, both in the headaches and the waist line.  My husband is sentimental about these hallowed holidays, but then he is a bit of a softy inside. And he has bought me some gorgeous boots for Christmas which I am successfully saving for the big day. Huzzah!!

For exploring The British Museum go here,


6 thoughts on “Winter Delight.

  1. Edward

    The masked lady weirdly reminds me of the Highwayman story book illustrations…
    I’m not 100% on Christmas either, I find there is plenty of indulgence all year round anyway – so Christmas doesn’t become a special exclusive time for it, where most people are concerned.



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