Because I’m worth it.


beautiful-blogger-awardSeven things I have to share with you.  This is a criteria for accepting the beautiful blogger award from Winter Owls – thank you!!  So here goes :

My beauty is hidden. Mainly below layers of winter clothing since it is freezing in this hemisphere currently.  Even if it wasn’t , my beauty is rarely to be seen. You need magic goggles, ( my husband has some)

I don’t see pictures when I read.  This mainly saddens me, since I adore reading and have lived vicariously through books since the alphabet made sense.  I think seeing pictures against what is read must be thrilling. My internal reality is blind.

Trees are my friends.  No, really. I mean this most sincerely. This will separate my readership. One party will be determined of my lunacy, the other party will embrace my sagacity. Which are you?

I am oversensitive, to everything.  Particularly during periods of flare.  So don’t touch me, and speak quietly.  I regularly jump roughly eight feet into the air and drop crockery when someone enters the kitchen.  Very wasteful.

I am and am not an alien. Depending on where you stand.

I can’ count. Hopeless with numbers. See ,

Nominations for Beautiful Blogger to the following. Please don’t feel obliged to meet the stringent criteria for the aforementioned.  If you are a secret agent you will not want to reveal anything. But if you are not, hey , spread the love. I swear its not too onerous, you blog don’t you?

There are more and more blogs I love reading, but I have to go and catch a train. Don’t be miffed if you’re not in the count.



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