Vintage advice

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Today is a day that I need help.  So I shall be entering a fictitious world of Anne Enright’s  ‘Forgotten Waltz’  mainly in order to have read it before tomorrows book group. Or maybe I shall indulge in some heavy housework to stave off the onslaught of a gathering cloud of  melancholy.  Most likely I will fall back onto the rituals of the days requirements of me and move through it as through a thick smog, lacking clarity, lacking any sort of view.  It has been threatening for some time, but I am full of wily strategies to complicate and divert it.  Perhaps it is more persistent than I imagined, or hoped.  Anyway, I know it is temporal. like the clouds that I watch skittishly dancing across a beautiful blue sky.  Joy in small things.  I shall attempt the advice above and hold my head high, alert at all times.  Joy in small things.


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