Deep Solace

photogaphy, poetry, travel, United Kingdom

The hills of Western Highlands

Solace; You give deep solace.

I sink into this place,

dig into pillows, fresh, green

and clean purity of space.

Hills, stately as galleons

offer refuge, all burden

is gone, the eye free

to stare, and stare,

unhindered, all care

abandoned, the weight


by invisible, magic air.

Memories flow

as surely as streams

that silver through

green,lush valleys.


and energy ,

the life forces within

and without.

Form and beauty

are  rocks inheritance,

shared freely and

without counting a cost.

Photos from this Octobers holiday on Skye.   Poem by me!


2 thoughts on “Deep Solace

  1. superb photos and a beautiful poem…isn’t skye magical? It is one of the most beautiful places there is…excellent post


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