Mushin – open minds, openhearts.

Celebrating intuition today after having wandered into exciting territory on the internet. Tim Lott at ‘aeon’ has written an interesting article introducing me to Alan Watts, a wonderfully gifted teacher on the Eastern ideas expressed in Zen Buddhism.   Zen resonates with  me on some level,  and I need to learn more about it.  Alan Watts will be my teacher on You Tube.   We can learn so much from the East.  I’m loving listening to this calm educated voice explaining some of the difficult elements of an alien philosophy.  There will be more!!!This quote is from one of those Eastern teachers.

The article Tim Lott wrote can be found here and is well worth the read.  One of the things I respected was his ability to be so self aware at such a young age.  I want one of my son’s friend to read this piece,  as he too experiences that painful existential angst that can be so destructive to oneself.  For this alone, I am grateful to have come across such a life enhancing article.  To give you a flavour of his writing, and how accessible it is to the reader, I shall include a quotation from the piece.


“In fact, Zen isn’t fatalistic. Rather, it accepts something that Western philosophy finds hard to grasp — that two contradictory truths are possible at the same time. It just depends on which way you look at it. The world is not a logically consistent one, but a profoundly paradoxical one. Again, this is illustrated in science, which shows that two things can be one at the same time — light, for instance, acts as both a particle and a wave. The Zen masters say the same thing about human life. Perhaps you are doing ‘it’. Perhaps ‘it’ is doing you. There is no way of knowing which is which. It is like a formal dance so deft that you cannot tell who is leading, and who is following.”


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