Stone the Crow.

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In the beginning was Scream
Who begat Blood
Who begat Eye
Who begat Fear
Who begat Wing
Who begat Bone
Who begat Granite
Who begat Violet
Who begat Guitar
Who begat Sweat
Who begat Adam
Who begat Mary
Who begat God
Who begat Nothing
Who begat Never
Never Never Never

Who begat Crow

Screaming for Blood, 

Trembling featherless elbows in the nest's filth.

A mythic poet, Ted Hughes created a sequence of blistering poems featuring Crow. Accessing his anthropological studies, he refers to patterns of human behaviour which can be recognised regardless of time or culture. Powerfully moved by man’s intense need to provide meaning to a seemingly absurd existence, Ted Hughes wants to re-acquaint the reader with the totemic subconscious he believes in. His creation of Crow is the beginning of a personal journey for himself, narrated to instruct and inform . That is the basis of storytelling throughout history and across cultures. It is a means to educate and to invoke intense response. It is a call to arms.

In his own words to the BBC, Hughes tries to explain about his folk epic and about Crow,

“Nobody knows quite how he was created or how he appeared.
He was created by God’s nightmare. What exactly that is I
tried to define through the length of the poem, or the
succession of poems”

There is a fabulous essay about the poet and the Crow poems which is definitely worthwhile reading if you are interested in Hughes’ poetry. I have been thoroughly engaged finding out about them man , reading the poetry. Staggering.

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