Art, books, illustration, poetry

This is a second cento; that is a poem made up from lines of existing poems, to produce something new, something altered.  The lines here reflect three poets, two of whom are my very favourite poets of all time, Sassoon and Yeats.

I have set them against altered images from different sources, again showing that transformation is exciting, productive and reflective.  I hope you enjoy, and I welcome comments . My ultimate intention is to produce them in miniature book form.

The poems in full are Siegfried Sassoon ‘ Everyone Sang’, Edith Sitwell’s ‘The Innocent Spring’ and W.B Yeat’s’Lake of Innisfree’.  I recommend a full reading of them all.

The rose image is based on a decorative image from the V and A.  The japanese style backgrounds are based on old japanese prints .  A selection of japanese prints can be viewed at the LIbrary of Congress.

I like to hear from you, so tell me what you think.

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