Out of the window.

Art, illustration, music, Thoughts


Playing with the Japanese images from Sadonubu and Hasegawai, that I love. Collaging them with the old photogravure master Coburn and ending up with the mish mash of a contemporary illustration for a book of cats.  Thinking about a book of cats in miniature. Avoiding the ironing. Avoiding the food shopping. Playing and listening to the radio. Bliss. Someone’s singing to Elvis Costello’s Shipbuilding absolutely sublimely.  Great guy too. He’s talking about his craft on Radio 4 and it’s like he’s in the room, just chatting to me as I engage my brain in the magic of Photoshop. He is the archetype of a new noun he’s just said – bullshitlessness. Life is like climbing a mountain, in your youth you only see your village, and as you climb higher the village that was your whole world is just a speck now. He decribes this feeling as almost unbearable, remorsefulness. He stumbles and bumbles through his life not really knowing how and what he wants to to, he is Robert Wyatt and he is a wonderful human being. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01n11cz


2 thoughts on “Out of the window.

  1. What a gorgeous post! The illustration is amazing… and your thoughts that follow… it’s such a !wow! experience to enjoy this page. thank you.


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