An unexpected visitor.

Someone unknown decided to break into our flat last night between 11,30 and 3 a.m , disturbed very litte, but removed the car key, the wallets  and my mobile phone.  We were asleep in the room next door during the aforementioned intrusion.  So now my morning is disturbed with phone calls to banks and to police, Chris has gone to work late and unable to think clearly, and we are 150 miles or so from home and friends, without a car, and without any money.  Brilliant, so thank you for that random stranger. A car that is just over a year old will be dismantled to sell for spare parts, the company Chris works for will be out of pocket by a fair sum since the fleet they run isn’t insured comprehensively because of the astronomical cost of so doing.  This is the second car we have cost them.  We will be blacklisted soon. What’s more the concert tickets to Radiohead were in that wallet, and the train tickets, and  we can’t afford to stump up for the train fares a second time, so there won’t be a concert for us. It’s a bum deal but I would have been more perturbed if we had been broken into at home, rather than at the flat where we rent. An inconvenience but not a crisis.

On being robbed

What was I dreaming then,

when you broke into

our lives, uninvited and

unwanted?  Did you get

what you were looking for?

Stranger , you will always

be strange to me;  a

robber of more than keys

and wallets, a thief against

decency, a criminal of

intent, curious animal-

obeying other  laws

to mine. Robber boy,

robber girl , was your night

a good one?  An ecstatic breath

held as door gives way, as

keys surrender themselves so

willingly, begging to be taken?

Did the drive thrill you, or is

it just in a day’s(night’s) work?

Curious creature, living

precariously, your step may be

light, but your footprint

remains a stain.


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