Ancient and Modern , the energy of love.


Grayson Perry is an intriguing man, a fascinating artist and in this piece of work shows a profound wisdom.  Wouldn’t we live in a different world if we learnt to hold our beliefs lightly?  One of the most important parts of growing up is understanding that other peoples perspectives are as valid as our own. I don’t think that understanding is easy, we hold on to our belief systems , believing they are something to do with our innermost sense of who we are.  But they aren’t. Most of what we think is based very firmly in the context of when we were born, and where and to whom.  The big questions remain the same throughout history, and though our knowledge increases exponentially within the scientific and technological spheres, there remains the human quest for exploration of the spirit, for exploration of meaning.  The certainties of life and death remain the same, birth and death. We have to live our lives in the uncertainties.  Embracing the uncertainties opens up possibilities and choices and dilemmas, and it is character that sustains the individual throughout those challenges. How to develop character?  My choice is to look to the poets and the philosophers, the artists and the musicians . In the second image, I have chosen an image from the artist Durer, and a quotation from Plato’s Symsosium.  Love is the energy that ignites life, love of sport, love of law, love of algebra love of a god, love of a person, love of cupcakes. I often wonder why I go back to the Ancient Worlds for the glimmers of wisdom, but why not?

Grayson Perry’s work can be seen here,



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