Whooooo, whooooo are you?

I like owls, and these by Leonard Robert Brightwell are more than wonderful.  He captures the essence of what being an owl means to us. Inquisitiveness, curiosity, owning a thirst for knowledge.  Socrates was adamant about one thing – his ignorance.  Of course he may have been stretching a point, but he seems to have been esteemed for his wisdom for a couple of thousand of years or so, which isn’t bad for man who NEVER wrote anything down.  Had a thing about it. The only message he really wanted to impart to you was the imperative to question yourself about everything you think, about everything  you think you KNOW.  It’s a brilliant premise on which to build a meaningful life. Once you open yourself up to questioning yourself, it leads you to engage in the choices you make to lead the life you really want to lead.  Brilliant. Of course it leads to lots of not getting things done, but that’s not a bad thing either. Lots of what we do as a species is positively detrimental to leading a good life. Think about it.



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