Think again. Lawrence and Thoreau to entertain you.

I was visiting my ex mother in law yesterday, a woman in her eighties who is still vigorous and wanting to exchange opinion and ideas on what it means to be here and now.  I LOVE that quality in a person, the desire for genuine exploration , the opportunity to contemplate and reflect on each others memories and experiences, with the open mindedness to hear another persons different experience and perspective. Life enhancing.  As are the words of both these writers, both seeking truths, understandings, meanings. When I first read D.H Lawrence as a young ,almost adult his words had a physical charge, I literally had to put down the book and breathe. How fantastic is that? He was writing in The Rainbow about the physical nature of farming, and the sensuality  in the passage was breathtaking.  That novel dealt  with the theme of industrialization occurring in Britain and altering the working lives of ordinary men and women.  I often wonder how Lawrence would have treated the rapidity of our technological progress which is dramatically altering the way people communicate, and take in information , affects the physiology of our brain even. Although I I now find Lawrence a bit dated, I feel nostalgia for that reaction he first provoked, and grateful that he was one of the authors that sparked my curiosity in the written word that has remained with me throughout my life. Thanks D.H. I don’t always remember to wholly attend, but I know I can.


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