Kew Here . A common attraction.

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Kew is one of my favourite places to visit.  It is a brilliant example of what Britain does best, history, curiosity, art, fun and science all in one place, where a marketing man would suggest there is ‘something for everyone’.  This time there really, really is  Three years ago they celebrated their 250th anniversary, having been created in 1759 by Lord Capel John of Tewkesbury.  Now it is a centre of excellence, and has been added to the list of World Heritage Sites. .  You will find there a  Temperate House, a tree walkway where you can stroll amidst the canopy of trees, an Orangery, a museum, a gallery where Marianne North has a permanent exhibition dedicated to her illustrations ( she travelled extensively and painted a huge variety of specimens). I particularly like the Water LIly house which has a sense of calm to it that is tangible.  You can explore the attractions on line by visiting the website

You might not want to read the whole poem by Henry Jones, it being very much for and from its time, but I liked the idea of someone writing a canto dedicated to this beautiful place.  It did inspire me once to write a much less prolific masterpiece, which you can digest pretty easily! It has nothing to do with Kew except it is where we were at the time. A memory in a poem, nice.

‘By the way’


‘By the way, you look gorgeous’
he said.
It’s the little things
which mean a lot, and

‘by the way’
I said, it took me ages.

I don’t believe

in mystification.


Watching the world at play,
our nearness, the gladness,
and suddenly,

its like riding a bicycle;

easy, when you know how.

Here’s some of my photo’s from the Water Lily house taken in 2009, and followed by copies of paintings by Marianne North.  You can buy gift tokens to visit Kew which can be redeemed for entry anytime during the year, Wouldn’t that be a great gift for someone?  If I got one, I’d raise a cheer. 



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