The days and the nights.

Here I am again, a Monday morning rearing its head and I should be thankful for that.  I am immersing myself in a new project at the minute, which is slowly revealing itself to me.  I ;am producing miniature hand made books,  but the projects keep getting confused, so whilst in the middle of one, I start a fresh one and it is like every other project I fling myself into. Utterly confused and mainly pointless, except for the enjoyment factor to myself , and that is why I keep going.  I did actuallly finish one t’other day, since I had a reason to send some good wishes in the real world as opposed to the virtual one, but dammit, I havn’t actually managed to post it yet.  I need to improve at finishing. There. Said it. Got to happen now. Enjoy your weeks good people. In the meantime, you get the rare privilege of seeing the projects unravel as I keep posting bits of them to see if anyone likes the constituent parts!! There’s a method in the madness, see?


One thought on “The days and the nights.

  1. almostlegalalien

    Ah! A lot of what you say here could be applied to me. I make wonderful beginnings but to carry something through right to the end? Alas, not so easy.
    Your project sounds interesting. I like the quote you chose today. I’d like to think it is true but for me it’s not so easy. There have been numerous occasions when I had search a long time to find that spring.



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