Perplexity and defying gravity.

A week of accidents, sickness and exams – but we’re still here and not  drowning but waving. So here’s a wave to all you delightful readers of my cogitations. I am in perplexity most of the time, why is this?  After having suffered a very minor collision in my car last week, I made my way over to the centre where I was collecting my son from, which was a fairly noble act since I had crossed town to report said incident and had to recross it in a car I was now apprehensive about. I must add said son is 19 and perfectly capable of two buses across his home city, but what are mums for? Anyway, on collection of offspring, the lady who had been in discussion with him asked me in as she had heard from Rob about my accident.  She queried my attitude to the bump and it made me question myself as to how outside of experiences I often feel.  Does that make sense?  I don’t really get agitated about certain things, not because they are meaningless, but because they don’t really endanger my sense of reality. So sometimes I can appear to be unaffected, or even mystified, when a more obvious reaction is expected.  It’s as though I live in a realm of emotional dyslexia, I mismatch my emotions to events, or just miss them altogether. But that doesn’t make me less ‘feeling’, just removed sometimes. That is my sense of being in this body, this brain, a slight displacement with reality that is going on around me. when you watch a film that’s been dubbed, and the mouths don’t match the words. That’s me that is. Just saying. So I reach out to the poets and the artists to say it for me,how it should be, how it really is. Thank goodness for poets.


2 thoughts on “Perplexity and defying gravity.

  1. shrewdbanana

    Thank goodness for them indeed. (And I totally relate to what you’re saying here.)
    That’s a lovely poem, by the way.

    Hope you are fine after the bump – take care!



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