The Heart of Man

There is the other universe of the heart of man, that we know nothing of, that we do not explore,

A strange grey distance separates our pole mind still from the pulsing continent of the heart of man

Fore-runners have barely lannded on the shore and no man knows, no woman knows the mystery of the interior

when darker still than Congo or Amazon flow the hearts rivers of fullness, desire and distress 


D H Lawrence wrote the above passage.  A writer both of his time, and before his time. I can only imagine what he would have to say about the pace of change this last couple of decades have experienced.  A boyfriend sent me this passage when he was away from me, studyiing.  How glad I was when I received it, because it told me he knew who I was.  We never made it together, time and circumstance never combined to help us . I am not sad about that, who can be sad about what didn’t happen?  I am glad we found ourselves for a short time, because love is never wasted.  I have this passage as an example of that.  Perhaps I woulld never have come across it otherwise. It informs me, provokes me to reflect on my own heart.  It is a challenge to live fully, in the day, in the moment with all the restraints on a life – work, ill-health, family requirements.  That is the power of the written word, and of art. It provokes us to make a moment in which our eyes are open to possibility and to transcending the mundane. So thanks to Lawrence, and thanks to Pete. You know who you are. 


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