Livin’ like fallin’ ain’ livin’ at all

frightened of shadows – unsure how to call

when nobody’s there.

It’s easy to slip and to slide,

waters are dangerous

not knowing the tide.

It’s all down to timing;

if you don’t jump

You’ll fall.

And livin’ like fallin’

aint livin’ at all.


I wrote this short poem years ago, listening to a singer in a local gig, she in her youth and writing her life in her songs.  She moved me. And she made me remember myself as a young woman, too scared to be herself, to unsure to understand risk and the danger of commitment. Wanting to love , and to be loved in return but always holding back something critical. It’s risky to jump, but the risk is just is high if you don’t. I lost myself for a number of important years. Learning to reveal the layers, show the me I am rather than the person I want to be. Jumping is fun.


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